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Here's how we play...and a few other things we tossed in there.

#1.) - Sara takes Monday off.

#2.) - To avoid any future confusion, please familiarize yourself with number one. Sara takes Monday off.

#3.) - Read this website, all printed materials and all emails THOROUGHLY. All of our policies and procedures are spelled out in detail with any correspondence that we send to you.

#4.) - If you make an appointment, please keep it or just make a courtesy call to let us know. We understand that things do come up. Our calendar if full and our schedule is tight but we strive to give our clients the very best. In order to do that, we need to know how to adjust our day.

#5.) - Our work is protected under Federal Copyright Laws.

If it is determined that you have purchased prints from us and then copied those prints or in any other way reprinted and/or reproduced these photos without the express written consent from this studio, the consequences will be swift and just.

A. - Sara has worked extremely hard for 30 years to perfect

her craft, continue her education, purchase the latest camera

gear, lighting and technology, then bring all of that to the

forefront when photographing your event. This is a full time

job for all of her staff. We simply ask that you be respectful of

the fact that this is how we support our families.

#6.) - Brides and Grooms, it's YOUR day! You can do anything you want. So have fun, relax and let the day unfold naturally. Remember, we can only photograph what you bring to the table. Take as many deep breaths as you need and seize the day! Don't be that stressed out bride who looks like a cross between Cinderella on steroids and the Grinch who stole Christmas. If you are not happy and relaxed, your face will surely show it.

A.) One activity that we insist on is 20 minutes of

'private time' between the Bride and the Groom after the

ceremony and after group photos. During this time we

politely ask that everyone leave the area so we can give the

couple a chance to take everything in. This gives them

the opportunity to enjoy their first moments as Mr. and Mrs

quietly without an audience.

#7.) - Make hair and make-up appointments at 8:00 am. No joke. Trust us on this one. If at all possible, have everything done (including getting dressed) at the location where you will be having the ceremony.

#8) - Five hour receptions with open bars and lots of college friends may sound like a fun idea when you are planning it......but it also makes for fist fights, couples breaking up, DUI's and sometimes tragic accidents. Consider giving your guests a place to stay or a ride home to make sure your day does not end badly. Have fun but be smart about it.

A.) Sara has had first-hand experience with two fatalities

in her immediate family, involving drunk driving.

For this reason, we take every opportunity to speak

out about it. We hope you understand.